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Tastes perfect as-is

I’ve been drinking the Guji for a while now and love the bold flavor. I had a family brunch today and the best, and truthful, comment was “It tastes perfect as-is. You know it’s good coffee because I didn’t need to put any sweetener in it!”

Best decaf you will have

This decaf coffee is silky smooth, yet tastes rich and full-bodied with low acidity. Highly recommended. The order processing was super fast.

Such a crisp taste and perfectly roasted!

Costa Rica Tarrazu 2021
Mickelle Marsiglia
Great Flavor and Fast Service

I love this coffee. I usually need something added to a cup to get coffee down, but not with this coffee. The flavor is smooth and has no bitterness or bite. I can drink it black...A perfect cup that can stand on its own.

Brazil Peaberry
Debi Gardiner
Treat yourself!

This a great cup of coffee that you will definitely enjoy! A real favorite from a coffee snob😁. Very smooth taste that leaves you wanting that second cup. Treat yourself to this coffee - you will keep coming back for more.

Costa Rica Laurina - Decaf
Chad and Jenn W.
Smooth and Tasty

Had a nice smooth flavor and no bitter after taste. Nice full body for a low caffeine coffee. All the goodness of coffee without the jitters.
Received our coffee in a very timely manner and the product was very fresh.