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Nice and smooth and medium kick.

I shared some El Bombo with friends after a great ribeye dinner. The coffee was smooth, the acidity was mild, which was good after a heavy main course.
Recently, I got together with friends whom I Gifted some Westminster street coffee Decaf. It was perfect at 10 pm on a cold snowy night in January 2024.

Ethiopian Guji Dark
John Christ
Smooth and rich flavored.

I’m ordering more right now!


For an amazing and relaxing cup of Joe you barely need to add anything to it. Incredible difference from other brands specifically in the fact that it does not have a trace of unpleasant bitterness. It has a very rich and pure coffee flavor too. I personally like to add a pinch of half n half to my coffee but with this brand I barley need any (though I still like a little in it because it adds to it). Highly recommend this coffee, any average coffee enjoyer would instantly appreciate the quality.

All about the Guji

I got a shipment of the Ethiopian Guji a couple weeks ago…it’s my go to coffee. I must’ve ordered it a couple dozen times. I love that every time I order it, it’s consistently the same full body roast.

Columbia Caldas - Decaf
Carolyn Underman


Columbia Caldas

The Columbia Caldas has a light taste of chocolate with hints of nut. Good for sipping while relaxing. I have a cup in the morning and evening with a little stevia added. Helps bring out the flavors.

Brazil Peaberry
Tami Roloff
THE BEST COFFEE! Period! Love it

The coffee is so good and so smooth. Not bitter at all, this is my fave ! Brazilian pea berry ♥️????

Great low caffeine alternative

With this coffee being naturally low in caffeine it is a much better alternative to decaf. None of the flavor is lost because it does not go through the decaf process. I live on this stuff.

Costa Rica Laurina - Decaf
Lorraine Carter-sherrod
Best tasting decaf coffee

The aroma of the coffee and the taste of the coffee is wonderful. Looking forward to my next order.

Costa Rica Decaf

I really enjoy this decaf. I have a cup almost every evening straight up black. Very smooth strong taste!

Thanks for the review. Terry ordered the Laurina dark roast, so if you are looking for the same bold flavor, ensure you make that selection when ordering.

Tastes perfect as-is

I’ve been drinking the Guji for a while now and love the bold flavor. I had a family brunch today and the best, and truthful, comment was “It tastes perfect as-is. You know it’s good coffee because I didn’t need to put any sweetener in it!”

Best decaf you will have

This decaf coffee is silky smooth, yet tastes rich and full-bodied with low acidity. Highly recommended. The order processing was super fast.

Such a crisp taste and perfectly roasted!

Brazil Peaberry
Debi Gardiner
Treat yourself!

This a great cup of coffee that you will definitely enjoy! A real favorite from a coffee snob????. Very smooth taste that leaves you wanting that second cup. Treat yourself to this coffee - you will keep coming back for more.

Costa Rica Laurina - Decaf
Jennifer Woodring
Smooth and Tasty

Had a nice smooth flavor and no bitter after taste. Nice full body for a low caffeine coffee. All the goodness of coffee without the jitters.
Received our coffee in a very timely manner and the product was very fresh.