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Coffee roasted with an obsession to detail.

Coffee has been a bit of a passion in our home for a long time. We were mail ordering coffee almost 30 years ago and have been always on the search for great tasting coffee. Several years ago Troy had to switch to decaf 🙁 Getting hold of great whole bean decaf coffee can become a real quest. Enter trying his hand at roasting coffee in order to provide a regular supply of great decaf right from our own kitchen.

Our goal at Westminster Street Coffee is to offer the best coffee you have ever tasted, period. We specialize in single origin coffees, roasted to bring out the best qualities of each bean. We strive to create coffee that highlights the natural sweetness found in coffee with a nice smooth finish.

When we get a new shipment of green coffee beans, we will test roast until we have identified what we believe is the best roast for that lot of beans. Consequently we throw out sometimes more than few roasts until we get it just right, only then do we offer it to you.


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